RFP - Enterprise Asset Management Software System

The City of Piedmont is evaluating new software to satisfy its enterprise asset management application needs. The City appreciates a proposal response to include all costs associated with training, implementation, hardware specifications/hosting costs (if applicable), interface estimates, data conversion assistance, annual maintenance, and support.
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Piedmont CA EAM - RFP 2023-09-11b (CF) 469.9 KB
Piedmont CA EAM - RFP Appendices B-J 2023-09-11b (CF).xlsx 88.6 KB
Piedmont CA EAM - RFP Appendix A Maintenance Mgt 2023-09-11b (CF).xlsx 79.6 KB
Piedmont CA EAM - RFP Appendix K Sample Contractor-Consultant Agreement 95.1 KB